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Exclusivity doesn’t always have to come at a premium. Verus Private Clients work with businesses and individuals to help them achieve their aims, whether they are property or business related.


We do whatever it takes to make the deal work. If that means working 7 days a week and outside of normal business hours to meet your deadlines, so be it. This drive is what gives us the edge.


We research, plan, structure and present your deal to a funder just like a Bank would do. This time and effort is essential and can be the difference between your application being approved or not.


In addition to our vast lending panel, we exclusively represent two private funding lines. This exclusivity allows us to move quickly and lend on projects that more traditional lenders would not.

Who We Are

Verus Private Clients has a unique place in the lending sector. Our team are led by an experienced team who have held some of the most senior positions in the banking and lending industry.

Our talented team of advisers are experienced in all aspects of property and business finance, covering both the commercial and residential sectors.

Think of us as your personal bankers…Your ‘goto’ advisers when you require a deal to be done swiftly, without any fuss and of course, with the most competitive terms available.

Our Philosophy

Our clients are at the very heart of what we do. We are only interested in delivering a first class service and developing a long term relationship. That way, we get to know how each other works and this approach is why entrepreneurs, property developers and businesses come back to us time and again.


Because of our banking and lending experience, there are very few issues that we are unlikely to have come across before. This is key and gives our clients complete peace of mind that they are in good hands.


We sign agreements with all of our clients (direct or introduced) that forbids either party talking about the transaction unless specific, written permission has been granted by either side.

Results Driven

It’s simple. People earn money when deals complete and we are no different. This ensures that our focus is purely and simply on getting the deal done and we will do whatever it takes to achieve this.


Everything we do is open for inspection. Our fee structure is transparent, our dealings with our funding partners are transparent and we communicate with our clients in a clear, simple and logical way.

Services We Provide

How We Work

5 Simple Steps

Make an enquiry. This is where it starts…
We contact you. This is important because we want to ensure we get the full picture of your circumstances and requirements. We would be happy to meet too.
We prepare your application. How your proposal is presented can be just as important as what is in your proposal. Our experience as former Bankers and Lenders ensures we know exactly what funders are looking for.
We identify funding sources. With hundreds of different lenders, banks and alternative finance providers, knowing who to turn to for your specific requirements is what sets us apart. We do this quickly and without fuss.
We secure terms. Not just any terms but terms that are relevant to your needs and at the right cost. All fees and charges will be clear and transparent. Once you accept, you can start the process of completing your deal.

1. Make an enquiry

Either call us on 0161 327 2941 or click on the contact tab at the top of this page

2. We contact you

We will call and/or email you back so we can gather more detailed information about your requirements

3. We prepare your application

We gather all of the required information and package it in a format that Banks and Lenders prefer

4. We identify funding sources

Knowing who to speak to is half of the battle so choosing who we show your proposal too is extremely important

5. We secure terms

Once we have chosen who to propose to, we will secure terms for you based on your requirements for speed and cost

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